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WTB: AR-2AX tweeter


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Hey! Welcome to CSP!

There were a couple of different tweeters used: Early ones had reddish domes and later ones had black so be careful when you buy.

Here's a suggestion: Do a search under the Mods section for Roy's HiVi Tweeters. You can buy a pair of brand-new tweeters, plus the needed 0.05uH inductors, for about $60 at Parts Express or Madisound. You can then sell your single tweeter and maybe come out even. Another suggestion (also from Roy): Replace the corroded pots with L-Pads. Cheap and trouble-free. Info on that in the AR section (I think). Also be sure to look at the AR3a restoration manual. Much of what is in there applies to the 2ax. Find it here:


Good luck.


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