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Model 6 badges

Ronald LaPorte

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Hi, I have just finished refinishing the cabinets and recapping a pair of Model sixes purchased on Ebay. They have what I believe are the original grills and grill cloth. Neither has a KLH logo badge. The masonite grill board is 1/8 inch thick. The board and cloth have no visible screw holes for badges. My questions: Did Model sixes have different badges and grills over their production run? Did KLH sell any Model sixes w/o badges or with stick on badges? The serial numbers are 154820 and 154839.

Thanks for any info on Model Six badges.

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Welcome to the CSP Ronald

The Sixes DID have metal badges. Attached is a page from the brochure. AFAIK, the large, cast badges were screw-on and the smaller painted badges were stick-on. I don't know if there were also large stick-on badges.

I recently had some reproductions made of the smaller stick-on badges. Here is the listing:


You can also watch eBay for originals.

Enjoy those Sixes.



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