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KLH Model 13


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Hi, I have a chance to pick up a pair of model 13 speakers alone without the stereo adaptor unit. I know the entire 13 set up is fairly rare, but rarity aside, are they a decent

performing small speaker? worth grabbing if the price is right?


Absolutely. The Model Thirteen speaker was identical to the later Model Eight speaker. Walnut veneer cabinet and single 4" driver. The only difference is the connector: The Thirteen speakers have an RCA jack on the back.

For all practical purposes, the Thirteen speaker is sonically identical to the Eleven or the Twenty-One extension speaker. The dimensions are just different.

btw--if nothing else, you may be able to turn a profit on them. I, for one, would be very interested. I have a couple of Model Thirteen Stereo Adapters that lack the matching speakers. We may even be able to negotiate some sort of trade.




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