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Congratulations, Ken!

Steve F

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It's a good thing you pointed that out Steve. I was starting to suspect he was just another run-of-the-mill, regular speaker designer, with the 3.3's and all the other NHT early stuff to his credit.

Hey Ken,

Any chance you could list, or mention all the audio products we might be familiar with that you have had a hand in? Then tell us about these intriguing new subs of yours. Then tell me I don't need a pair with AR-9's.


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Getting good products out the door requires teamwork, and I've been very lucky to have been able to work with, and for, some of the best people in the world of audio. There really are no "model numbers" that I feel are mine alone.

Aside from stuff I was primarily responsible for such as NHT, NHTPro, the AR MGC-1, SRC and 303 line, I've had a hand in products from clients including NAD, Denon, Proton, Faroudja, MultiVision, Peerless, Sound Concepts, Boston Acoustics, JBL, Altec, Kloss and several others. But I don't want to come off as having "designed" products that I only did certain portions of. At the opposite extreme, dozens of products have come out under my watch as Director of R&D at AR, and VP Technology at Jensen, but hardcore engineering credit lies elsewhere.

Resume, salary history and references available upon request....

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