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AR3 midrange & tweeter help


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After getting a little side tracked, I got back to my AR3s last weekend.

A brief recap- I pick these up second hand last summer. Upon opening up one of the cabniets and seeing a bad tweeter, I replaced that tweeter.

At the same time recapped and cleaned the pots on both speakers. The speaker with the replaced tweeter sounds great. The other has less sound

from the midrange and tweeter. The midrange is most noticable maybe about 1/3 or 1/4 the amount of sound compared to the other speaker.

The tweeter is not as bad, but I think it also might be weaker.

I thought that these midrange drivers are a bit hard to kill and they tend to work or do not work.

I have checked the wires for bad joints, anything else to check? Or thoughts on trouble shooting.


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You could try to test its efficiency. If you have a VOM and a pink noise test track (downloadable from the internet). Turn off the tweeter and disconnect the jumper cable at the back to kill the woofer and play the pink noise track. Attach the VOM's clips to the same places the speaker wires are hooked up to. Set the VOM to AC volts and turn the volume up until you see 2.0 on the meter. You'll need a sound level meter to measure the output from the tweeter. RS has them for a reasonable price. You should get something in the 87 to 90 dB range at 1 meter distance from the baffle board.

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