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Very early Ar3a - dead mid range driver?


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New here.

Acquired a Have a very early pair of 3a's (1969). All fine except for one dead mid range diver. At least I think its dead - when unsoldered from the front face connection block , I measure an open circuit between the two external wires leading from the voice coil. I understand from the restoration msnual on these pages that the mids are not repairable. Any suggestions for a reliable source of vintage replacements? Also, thoughts on the contemporary replacements on offer. Saw some yamaha ones on Ebay. Any good?

Any suggestions appreciated.


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Hello Tim:

First, it is worth double checking to ensure that there is no insulation on the two mid wires you are checking for continuity. Scrape the end of each a bit with the side of a knife or fine sandpaper, then check again--as well, check your ohmmeter by shorting probes. :)

If for sure it is dead, you might consider Vintage AR (Larry LaGace) / Ljlagace at aol dot com / Albany, NY / 518-869-3665 /. He has been able to repair some mids, if the break occured where he can access it. If not, I would purchase a replacement from him rather than an unknown eBay source, as he checks the output level of each driver he sells.

Cheers, John

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