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Which Advent model could I have had?

Mr. Bubbles

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I am trying to determine which model of Advent speaker I had when I was younger. These speakers sounded better than most any other speaker I heard around the time, though maybe not as powerful, They had a smooth clean bass and I don't remember the highs being either bad or exceptionally good. I got these speakers around 1984 or 1985, they had paper dome tweeters that were dark gray/ black. From what I remember the woofer size was around 8", could have possibly been 9", I also seem to remember these woofers having square magnets. These were 2 way speakers and the cabinets were a medium colored wood with squared edges. The cabinet backs were painted a medium brown color and to the best of my memory the terminals were countersunk through a cutout in the back panel and were a silvery/tin color (I could be off here on the color, I am really trying hard to remember all the details I can). The grilles were thin and flat looking, covered in a material that would appear heavy visually, reminding me of a lighter more refined burlap, and similar in color. I think but am not 100% sure that the grilles held the tabs that snapped into sockets in the speaker panel (instead of the opposite that is commonly seen), I also think but am not sure that the front panels were black and I think the tweeter was centered, but again am not 100% sure. I have found no pictures anywhere that look like the ones I had. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would like to search for a set of these and see if they can be repaired correctly to keep their original sound.

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