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AR-7 Garage Find

Steve in AZ

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I just registered for this site because my father in-law is cleaning out his basement and gave me a pair of AR-7s. See attached pictures. He bought them new in 1973, used them for a couple years, and then put them in storage. The finish, cover material, and sticker on the back are flawless except for a small place in the corner of one speaker where its pulled away a bit (see pic AR-7013). I even had his purchase receipt but decided I was going to give them to Goodwill and thew it away! Kicking myself about that. I know next to nothing about speakers and found this site while deciding what to do with them. I won't be using them, but it seems that there are a lot of folks who might want something like this. Is there a good website where audiophiles buy/sell vintage equipment? After reading some posts here, I'd kind of like them to go to a good home rather than the Goodwill.

I don't think he's ever had the cover off, but don't know what its supposed to look like under there. Does it look untouched? Obviously needs new foam.

Any inputs would be appreciated.



Chandler, AZ









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Welcome to CSP Steve!

Great find!

You have 2 options with the foam: DIY or send to a pro. For DIY, I highly recommend the kit from MSound. About $25 for the pair, and everything is included. Here is his page. You will find instructions on refoaming as well as a link to his ebay store. If surrounds for the 7s are not listed, just email him


If you send them to a pro, Millersound in PA is great.


I replaced the 6.2 uF cap in my 7s but that was probably not necessary. If yours have the blue Sprague caps they are probably fine. Refoam the woofers and enjoy.

Be sure to peruse the Library here. You'll find stuff like this:



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