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AR 10" woofers, LST-2, AR-5 and AR-2ax


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I have removed my 10" woofers from my LST-2's for refoam and interestingly, they are different: 0ne is marked AR-5 9303-3 and measures 6.3 Ohm DC resistance, the other marked AR-2AX 9303-2 measures 5.8 Ohm DC resistance. In the pricelist from 1979 in the library, AR-5 and LST-2 shared the same woofer, whereas the 2ax woofer still had a different partnumber. Later (1986 pricelist) the same woofer (200004-2) was listed as replacement for all 10" woofers in 8 Ohm impedance speakers.

Is this difference in DC resistance a coincidence, or were they different in resistance? If not, what was the difference between the two type of woofers?

I wonder which speaker the 9303-1 was intended for?

BRgds Klaus



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