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Amplification - HK 19 FS


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I replaced my harman/kardon Citation 17s/18/19 stereo equipment with the Signature series so I could start playing with Dolby Digital.

The 18 tuner was sold on eBay. I still have the 17s pre-amplifier and 19 amplifier.

If anyone wants a monster amp for the more difficult to drive AR's (9, 90, 910, etc.) this may be a good fit. The amplifier I am selling for $200. The pre-amp has had an intermittent channel a couple times in the last five or so years, each time lasting for a few hours. It was working fine when I took it out of service. Could be oxidation on sockets or switches, but I haven't troubleshot to that level. The service manual is included with the pre-amp in case you need it and the owners manuals for both units. I'm selling the pre-amp for $50.

I have pictures online .. see:


The "inside" shot of the 19 in particular will show the HK's dual transformer design.

Proceeds are being applied to the new projects for this website. See the Classic Speakers forum for more information on what is pending and what I have already started.


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