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new/nos parts ar lst


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are there parts for the ar- lst that are hard/very hard/ impossible to get at the moment?

Hi Fred

It will be easier to tell you what is made today.

Basicly nothing, but newly manufactured, and different than the original drivers.

Most everything in the AR-LST was oem (original equipment manufacturer).

The big cap value can be arrived at with poly caps but at great cost.

The switch can be subbed with a near off-shore made replacement only, unless Electro-Switch can supply, for example.

The drivers can be had as used on ebuy for example.

Or as a newly manufactured but quite different fall-in replacement.

To sum up, the used, but limited market appears to be the main source.

Lousy packaging by most sellers will mean a low rate of working and undamaged drivers, especially the woofers and tweeters.

A scam is where an 8 ohm driver is sold as 4 ohm or just plain dead.

A number of longtime members here can offer better advice and possibly parts, I am certain.

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Single NP large value caps are no longer available. However, Bennic (Madisound) offers NPE's of 500 uf which can be paralleled. The rest of the crossover parts are easily replaced with NPE ( woofer ) or film ( mid&tweeter) types.

Jensen Capacitors in Denmark makes a 2700 uf/63 volt bi-polar capacitor:


In my opinion, the X-over transformer would be one of the hardest to get components for AR-LST

BRgds Klaus

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