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Description on how to refoam AR


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Hello vintageaudiolovers!

One of my hobbies is vintage audio thingies! When I was young (_sigh_) I used rather a large portion of my funds, intended for studying to an enginneer, to buy a pair of new AR-3a:s!

I did get my examination, but it was tough! But I never regretted that decision, indeed, I _still_ have the speakers! I'm turning 50 early next year :D and I listen to them as often as I can!

Today they are driven by Dynaco tube amps (PAS-3 and a pair of MK III's) with (aslo bought 'back then') an AR belt-driven turntable. 'All analog', is the word!

I have, as many other AR speaker lovers, experienced the 'rot'. And it happened again (2:nd time!)quite recently. First time I bought new elements (originals). But this time there was an alternative! Thanks to Internet: Refoaming.

For the sole benefit of other AR owners I have prepared an article on how to do it yourselves. I'm walking a thin line here; to do it you will need spare-parts (actually a kit) from a certain supplier. I am in NO WAY connected to this supplier other than beeing a customer. A happy customer I may add. What I want to share with you is simply a better, more customer targeted, description on how to use this kit than the supplied, and the information that foam-rotted AR speakers can be salvaged at a fracion of the cost of buying new ones!

You are all invited to send comments on this article (including language, I am, afterall, a Swede; english isn't my native language! And, I'm not very good at writing either!).


Send comments to:


AND, please, use this as a subject line to get it automatically correctly sorted in my mailbox:


/KAJ (real amps & radios glow in the dark!)

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Not as bad article, but risky since you cannot verify correct voice coil alignment, either by removing the dust cap or floating the assembly with cap on. The latter was done on my (4) 11" poly cones due to their rarity and if they were to get cut during dustcap removal(know what I mean?), and the fact the guy had a rig to do it!

The box of tea on the woofer looked scary......rip!!!!


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