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Receiver to power Boston Acoustics A400's?


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Has anybody used a Marantz SR19U/EX, 18U/EX or 14EX or an SR5000, 7000 or 8000 or a 9200/9300 or 9600 to power a pair of Boston Acoustics A400's? Most of these receivers are rated for 8 ohms and specify 6 or 8 ohm speakers, but, they all have fairly robust power amp sections etc. I have an SR9600 I will use to test the A400's for now, but I was wondering if I picked up an SR7000 would it be ok? The BA A400's have a 4 ohm minimum.

thanks in advance for any feedback,


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I'm using a Marantz SR5500 7.1 receiver.

I have a relatively small living room (10 x 15) so I never have to make them too loud.

I never go higher than 20 on volume. Volume number decreases on this receiver the louder it gets.

My normal movie watching is around 27.

Never had any issue.

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