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AR-LST stand height.


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Dear Frank,

I'm a big fan of classic AR speakers from Vietnam. I recently acquired my long time dream LSTs. Actually, the pair I bought is from the seller in Cambridge that you once plan to make a bid and drive to pick them up. I'd like to seek your opinion with regards to the stands for these speakers. I plan to make a pair of stand from hardwood for them using the same shape of the LST speaker itself, but struggle to decide which is the right height for them. I would therefore be very appreciate if you could share with me your experience on this matter.

Many thanks,

Viet Anh

Dear Viet Anh, I use my LST's on 1970's metal four post square columned "Target" stands. The stands are welded steel and very strong for the weight of the two LST's that each stand supports (approx: 200 lbs.).

These stands are 21 inches tall including wood floor spikes. This height seems to 'tighten-up' the bass and because of this, the bass response is very strong and 'clear' sounding. Over-all bass response can be 'light' sounding at times, but never really 'bloated' or 'flabby' sounding, at most times anyway. There, right there is another 'crazy' - 'AR phenom'! In my seemingly long memory, I can remember where sometimes 'AR-3a" 'bass' would sound 'bigger' than 'AR-LST' 'bass', and vice-se-versa'. And I'm talking beyond room and etc. conditions provided. How can someone explain that to me?

I have other similar stands that are 16 inches tall that I haven't tried yet but, my thoughts are that the shorter stands might sound-off giving more bass due to their closeness to the floor? If one is not careful, 12 inch AR speaker bass can become 'flabby' sounding.

The point here being that perhaps 'LST's' will sound better when mounted about 21 inches high gives the 'cleanest' bass and elevates the tweeters and mids to about sitting 'ear-level', which is probably best in terms of comfortable listening 'aiming'. Keep in mind that I use four 'stacked' LST's and the over-all 'spread of sound' is pretty huge. Also, the fact that I do a lot of listening standing and playing my 'air-bass' is fine because the stacked LST's are about 61 inches in total with their stands.

Cabinet size and dimension matching stands in my opinion seem to make the LST's look too heavy and big looking to the point of making the speakers themselves looking small. My 'four-posted' metal stands allow the speakers themselves to look big and impressive in their own stature, much to my liking, kind of like a 'bust' statue looks on a smaller stand in a museum or display to high-light any object,-fine by me, as these speakers deserve it.

Respectfully, Frank Marsi

P.S. Let me know what you decide is best after my comments and your own experience.

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