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AR55BX Rebuild

Guest jolyon

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I am new to this forum and new to the world of Acoustic Research loudspeakers.

Quite recently, I acquired a pair of AR55BX speakers in what appears to be the usual condition.

[img width=800 height=711]http://i34.tinypic.com/2evg5tt.jpg

The foam surrounds had perished but all the voice coils were OK.

[img width=800 height=918]http://i38.tinypic.com/vwxs1z.jpg

As with many other things I have, if I hadn't acquired them they'd have been in a Landfill so with these old things it's easy to see their descent from cherished audio statement to second-hand noisebox in the marks on the veneer and the crunched corners.

The cross-overs looked nice and big to me so I assumed from that that these were once a decent piece of HiFi.

[img width=800 height=905]http://i38.tinypic.com/1t9aw9.jpg

I was concerned about the bubbles on one of the tracks indicating that a component behind it had got rather hot.

I had never seen such a big tweeter magnet so was looking forward to hearing the speakers just for them alone !

I bought some surrounds from someone in The Netherlands and fitted them. I was upset to discover that both Titanium Dome tweeters were blown so had to find alternatives. Cross-over point is 5K @12dB/Octave. I had a pair of Monacor RBT-95SQ quasi ribbons lying around so I thought I'd put them in. A mounting plate was needed as was a small cut-out in the cabinets to accommodate them.

[img width=800 height=1203]http://i35.tinypic.com/25srf4o.jpg

As I said, I was worried that the cross-overs had got hot so I decided to hard wire them and mount them on the back of the cabinets. Here's one of them, nearly finished.

[img width=800 height=532]http://i35.tinypic.com/2dhfjna.jpg[/img

The board originally carrying the components is where above my home-made one. The burn mark was caused by the heat from a resistor which I assume took more current than designed for due to the failure of a capacitor. Anyway, all capacitors replaced with polyester/polyprop. or electrolytics.

This was all about a month ago and I am really enjoying listening to these loudspeakers. I don't know what they would have sounded like originally, but as they are they're super. The tweeters work really well, maybe a little loud but I can live with that as I have tone controls. I could, of course, replace the series resistor with a bigger one but they sound so nice that I don't think I'll bother.

So impressed was I with these that I decided to find a more "Classic" AR speaker to rebuild and I landed upon a pair of AR5s in the usual condition. I'll mention these in another topic as their rebuild is quite a challenge. But, my AR55BXs have had me trawling through my vinyl etc. just to hear all my favourites anew.

What more can one say to praise a piece of HiFi ?



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The reason the 'Insert Image' function failed to work, is, according to my understanding, attributable to your use of width and height tags:

[img width=800 height=532]http://i35.tinypic.com/2dhfjna.jpg

Counter, perhaps, to intuition: there's no need to specify dimensions as linked images are sized automatically (to a preset max), with aspect ratio preserved.

For example, removing said size-tags, but retaining 2dhfjna.jpg

An alternative to linking is to 'Choose File', 'Upload', and then use the 'Manage Current Attachments' drop-down menu to insert the file as a post attachment, as shown below. (Note the default attachment display-mode appears to be thumbnail-view.)


Hope that helps.


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