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Mystery AR? Woofer


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I pulled these mystery 10" woofers from a pair of AR-2AXs.

They are 4ohm, 1984 vintage and have 12-001-2 printed on the inside of the cone.

Any idea what they are?

They look like woofers out of a pair of Advents that were of three way design instead of Advents usual two way. I don't remember that model's number (or its nickname), but Advent only made this speaker for a couple of years in the early 80s. For whatever my opinion is worth, putting them inside some AR2AXs like what was done here wasn't such a bad idea. I probably would have done the same thing.

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Maybe not. The first Advent 3-ways were the 6003, Maestro etc. These Jensen-era Advents all used the same 10" woofer and they did have those 3 concentric rings, but the speakers were 8 ohms. But it might be worth inquiring on the Advent thread.

Here's the 6003 brochure:


How do your 2ax's sound with the mystery woofers?


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Unfortunatley the woofers don't sound right in the 2AXs. First of all, they are 4 ohm whereas the 2AX is an 8 ohm speaker. Secondly, they are too efficient and make the tweeter sound like it's 1/2 as loud as it should be. Thirdly, the voicing is all wrong...far more mid range than the original 2AX woofer. They are a bit boomy too. I replaced with the proper woofers this weekend. Now I'm trying to determine what these are so I can figure out what to do with them.

Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions.

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