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Rectilinear III ebay ad, info, and link to more on Rectilinear


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Here's an e-bay ad for a pair of Rectilinear IIIs with some interesting data and a link to many documents about Rectilinear including schematics and reviews.



Driver complement 12" Woofer (CTS), 5" midrange (Philips), 2 x 2 1/2" tweeters (Peerless), 2 x 2" supertweeters (Peerless)

Crossover frequencies 500 Hz, 3 kHz, 11 kHz

Nominal impedance 8 ohms

Amplifier power 20 watts RMS minimum, 100 watts RMS maximum

Frequency response 20 Hz-18.5 kHz, +- 4 dB

Controls midrange and treble

Dimensions 35" H x 18" W x 12" D

Weight 58 lbs.

Introduced 1966

MSRP $299 each


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