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They're AR11's and They Need New Foam

Pete B

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My younger son takes ceramics in high school and he has an excellent

teacher for the class. He allows students to just drop in and try out

some ceramics work after school and my older son has stopped in with

a few of his friends. He came home last year and said, he's got AR11's

and they need new foam. I said, are you sure? He was fairly certain

that they were 11's. I went to parents night tonight and sure enough

AR11's with no foam. Look like black dome tweeters, and on a quick

listen the tweeters seemed to be working.

I'll probably restore them for him, after I get a few more projects done

here and I have the time.

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I hope he enjoys them as much as I enjoy my 10 pi's. I am constantly amazed by just how "right" they sound.

I refoamed mine with replacements from M Sound, and I couldn't be happier with their service, the quality of the parts, or the results. (Just another happy customer :-)

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