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Jim Thiel Dies

speaker dave

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I was sorry to hear earlier in the week that Jim Thiel has died of cancer.

Thiel Audio has long been a respected brand with a near religious following, both by faithful dealers and satisfied customers.

Jim was an engineer's engineer. I toured the factory years ago and was impressed with his broad range of knowledge and interest. He was using his own software for system measurements and doing magnetic circuit modeling and other advanced techniques. Clearly he had a passion for loudspeaker design. His brother Tom showed me the cabinet shop where there was a similar passion for fine woodworking and thorough craftsmanship.

My condolences to brother Tom, partner Kathy Gornik, and the rest of the team at Thiel Audio.

David Smith

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The loudspeaker industry has indeed lost a significant member. I believe he was only 61. Much too young.

The overriding thing about Thiel speakers, to me, was their honesty. They reflected Thiel's desire to produce what he considered to be the best speakers he could engineer and manufacture at any given price. Yes, the more cynical might say that such 'honesty' is easier to achieve at high price points, but actually it's just as easy--if not easier--to burden high-priced products with marginally-useful frills and questionable 'features,' since cost/price is less of an issue.

To produce higher-priced goods (in any industry or field) that truly reflect the manufacturer's honest efforts at delivering performance and value, while respecting the consumer's purchase dollars at all times, is quite admirable in my view.

Whether or not Thiel's speakers were to anyone's particular sonic taste or not is not my point. Jim Thiel's speakers reflected their best efforts and I respect that very much.

Steve F.

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