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New Contributions from Tom Tyson


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Tom has graciously sent over some pictures of:

An AR-3a, one of the first and using an AR-3 style alnico woofer. This pair was used by Julian Hirsch for his comparison to the AR-303 in 1994.

An AR-3, Oiled Teak, one of the last built using AR-3a style molding and grill panel.

"The Visible Speaker,” an AR-11, one of several mock-ups built for dealers back in the early-1980s.

These are all up and online in the AR section. Tom actually emailed a better description of the AR-11 pictures but it wouldn't fit properly in my tables, so, straight from Tom ..

"Just like the AR-3a “cutaway,” the woofer works, and was designed to be demonstrated with a sine-wave generator pumping the cone back and forth at about 5 Hz. I had this speaker at the AR 40th Birthday Party also. Unfortunately, these images are b/w, and not all that sharp, but okay."


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