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tricky AR 3 Mids

Dan Skye

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AR 3 mids:

Those knarly wire mesh covers: are they just to keep out the riff-raff or do they hold the whole thing together?

Can I lovingly peel it off the unit to try to tap a new connection to the coil?

Got hold of a pair of AR 3 mids and am dismayed to find one is wide open and the other only gives a momentary 2.6 ohm when the 2 wires are being pulled firmly out while reading.......Ugh

Maybe those wires are coated and I need to use solder to connect ???

While I have your ear,what type of glue to re-attach the woofer's surround gasket to the metal frame ?

Putty type to reseal drivers to enclosure?

Please advise, wise forefathers

Newbie Dan

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Some of the information you need is described in AR LIBRARY documents. Look under AR, then original series, then AR-3 and also AR-3a and the repair manual. It contains comments on how to connect copper wire to the fine aluminum wire used in the AR-3 mid and tweet. You cannot solder Al and Cu with Sn-Pb solder. Please do not rip off the mesh. It holds the fiberglass damping material in place. If your mid is truy dead, and its alumium lead not covered with oxide, then you can have Larry LeGace at Vintage AR repair it for you--he has repaired many AR-3 mids. Also please check for corroded pots, but if you are trying to make contact at the driver, that is not likely a problem.



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