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Boston Acoustics A60's For Sale


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My main interest goes towards AR and KLH, but in my hunt I came across these A60's. I have two "enclosures only" for what I believe is the first of the series of A60's, serial numbers YS 026305, and YS 026201. That is, they are not marked with "Series X", they only say "A60". Both the cabinets and the grills are in remarkably good condition, I have not noticed any flaws whatsoever. If interested email and I will send a couple of photos.

The other item is a single (one speaker) A60 Series Two, again in beautiful condition. From what I can tell the sound is without problems and the cabinet grille is very, very good. The finish is much darker then the enclosures above, made from a different wood. There is a very small slight mark or scar on the woofer foam, not quite sure if the surround is about to crack or if it is just a dark spot on the foam. Serial number YD 102337.

I really don't have much background on Boston Acoustics' speakers, so please let me know what the questions are, I will answer the best that I can.

I am in Ann Arbor, zip 48103.

Charles Larkins

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