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Cambridge SoundWorks Model Six Measurements

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I'd go look, but I'll be damned if I am going to join a site named Audiokarma. Heck, maybe they should have named it Audionirvana or Audioedification or Audiobliss, or Audiostupor. The current name will surely appeal to typical, sophomoric, audio freako-tweakos.

Howard Ferstler


Just a quick comment here: I actually like Audiokarma, for the most part. (And ZT runs banner ads there once in a while.) My impression is that the "Karma" in the name is a reference to the fact that many of the posters are interesting in finding and restoring discarded or dead audio gear. Since the site has a fairly broad and active readership, it is inevitable that there are a bunch of the usual cap and wire fantasy types, and a bunch of the, "Hey, I hotmelted a 12" speaker I found in a dumpster into a suitcase, and it rocks better than my friend's $2,000 speakers!" But, overall, the population is not much different from the audio hobbyists in the real world.

I don't think you have to join to read the posts. You can probably use a proxy just to lurk, if you are in a really secretive mood.


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