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AR 3a's Back Home


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Finally worked a trip down to Philly to pick up my 3a's from Peter Brueninger - and return his beloved Eico HF-81 : (

Hooked the AR's back up to my Sui 9090DB. I had been listening to my Dynaco A-25's with the sui playing pre amp to my Fisher console tube amp running 7591's - an extremely nice, warm sounding setup. So I was anxious to see how the AR's sound after becoming very happy with the Tubes/Dynaco thing.

As soon as I started the AR's up - with Yellowjackets The Spin - I remembered Bill Murray's introduction of Jeff Beck at Crossroads:

Ladies and gentleman - this is the adult portion of the show. All children must leave now... Or something to that effect.

Nothing like the raw bass power of the AR 3a's with a proper large SS amp.

I could be very happy the rest of my life with the Dynaco's. But AR's RULE!!!! Bone stock resto and they shine!!!

Thanks to all here who helped me get these AR's back to their original glory.

Unfortunately they did not get the John Atkinson treatment while with Peter. But that's OK. It would just have given folks something to complain about ; )

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