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Dents in AR-7 (AR18) tweeters... Can I repair them?


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I came across a very nice pair of AR-7 speakers.

They are from the original owner and they look almost mint.

The only problem is that they have small dents on central domes of their cone/dome paper tweeters.

This certainly spoils their perfect look.

Beside the visual aspect, how is this affecting their sound?

Is there any way to repair those dents?

I was thinking of wetting the domes and then I could use a thin plastic tube attached to a vacuum cleaner.

By carefully contolling the air flow I could try to suck those dents out.

How fragile/thin is this paper cone? Can I tear it by trying to suck the dents out?

Here are some photos:


Thanks in advance,



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Hi Aleksandar'

I have had success removing dents on some AR94 tweeters, more or less as you propose.

I think that a vacuum cleaner is way too powerful and hard to control.

I just used mouth suction and that was plenty strong and easy to control.

I wet the fiber dome with warm water using a artists brush.

Find a thin walled tube that just fits over the dome. I used a socket wrench socket because they come in graduated sizes and have a hole on the other end to suck through.

Place the tube over the wet dome and gently suck. Mine popped right out. When they dried, they looked and sounded perfect.

I think that wetting the dome greatly reduces the vacuum needed.

It worked for me.


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Beside the visual aspect, how is this affecting their sound?

How do they sound to you? The odds are that the dents are not making a huge difference (the cone/dome combo is a better tweeter than the cone-only type that preceded it in the AR-4s. but not that much better), and any benefit from "repairing" them would probably not be worth the risk of damaging them even worse.

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