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FS: Vintage Tektronix 532 Oscilloscope

Pete B

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For sale: old Tektronix 532 scope that has been in our family for over 30 years.

It is a vintage tube type, dual channel 5 MHz BW, that I'd expect

collectors might find interesting. It is from the early 1960s, I believe,and is an all

tube model. This is not the actual unit but gives an idea, no cart is included:


There is an advange in that tube designs are easier to debug

for the DIY person who is not comfortable with transistors and miniature

electronics. The modern Tek scopes are much more difficult to repair for a

DIY person due to custom minature modules.

I powered it up last week, and with some coaxing got it to sweep, the A

channel shows some noise, the B a reasonable trace. It certainly needs

cleaning, new power supply caps, and for all the tubes to be tested/replaced

as needed. The mainframe bandwidth is 5 MHz. The fuse holder is broken but

does still work, and there is an issue with the line cord. I have the manual for

the dual trace plug in, and a pair of the old style probes.

It is large and heavy so I'd like to move it out of here if anyone finds it to be of

interest and would like to make an offer.

Pick up only from Trumbull Connecticut, 06611.

Thanks, Pete B.

basconsultants at aol dot com

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