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Acoustic Research 98LS AR98LS - Vintage pair GREAT CONDITION

Guest nickvasallo

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Guest nickvasallo

This beautiful pair was passed down from my dad years ago, he is and always has been a Stereophile. Growing up with him I have seen his home theater change every 5 years, always buying the most outrageous speaker setup. I really hate to part with these but I'm in college and about to move, I don't use these as much as they deserve to be used. I am sure someone on this forum would appreciate these more than I do. They have been kept in superb condition, they still have the girll and stands. Everything is original, these have never been opened or repaired. They sound amazing with anything I play. But I am a new generation man that just needs his PC speakers...this is a little too high end for me. I know these are worth A LOT, especially in the vintage condition that these are in. Let me know...give me your BEST OFFER. Thanks

P.S. Don't mind the streaks on the front of the speaker, that is just the damp cloth I used to wipe off a little dust. With some oil this baby will look brand new.

Acoustic Research AR98LS

The LS [ Linear System ] series were developed specifically for audiophiles, musicians and music connoisseurs. The LS technology employs an exclusive AR-designed dual-dome mid-high range driver. The design incorporates a radically new magnet structure, one magnet that both domes share - at a distance of less than 5cm. This creates an optimum hemispheric point source which provides extremely coherent radiation of sound pressure in all directions.

The 98LS feature our best 12" long throw woofer and an 8" lower midrange driver housed in its own acoustic suspension sub-enclosure. All LS speakers have massive power handling capacity and the most sophisticated components and crossover circuit.

Specifications :

-:®:- 1982 - 1985 vintage

-:®:- Floor standing 4-way system

-:®:- Drivers : 300mm [ 12" ] woofer, 200mm [ 8" ] midrange / woofer,

one 38mm [ 1.25" ] dome upper midrange,

and one 19mm [ 3/4" ] dome tweeter in a single magnet structure

-:®:- Efficiency : 87dB @ 1W / 1m -:®:- Nominal impedance : 4 ohms, 3 minimum

-:®:- Power rating : 15W - 250W RMS -:®:- Frequency response : 39Hz - 32kHz at -3dB

-:®:- Low frequency : -3dB at 39Hz and effective Q at resonance of 0.55

-:®:- Cosmetic : oiled walnut veneer.

-:®:- They have no grilles at present, but we intend to construct frames and cover with brown cloth.

-:®:- Set of four 6mm spikes included

-:®:- Dimensions [ H x W x D ]: 749 x 394 x 269mm

-:®:- Weight : unpacked 29kg packed 31kg each speaker.



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Guest nickvasallo


ar_pro - thank you, I will make sure not to play them...

Dave S. - I am in Santa Cruz, CA.

Those of you interested can check my website to see I am a real person: www.nickvasallo.com



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