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Help Identifying Speakers

Guest Peter J

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Guest Peter J

Hi, new poster here

I remember Advents from my early audio interest years, in fact my bro in law still has a pair...The Smaller Advents, if I'm not mistaken.

Anyway, I ran across these on Craigslist, and they look somewhat different than I remember. I'm gonna go look tommorrow, but thought I'd research first.

Owner doesn't know model #, (he's at work, speakers in storage) but was willing to hook them up and let me listen. Questions: What are they? What are the possible areas of concern and would they be worth $80?

Hope I'm doing this right...


Thanks for any help,Peter

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Hi Peter and welcome!

Check this thread:


Looks like they are the New Advents with bullnose frame. Walnut veneer I assume. Real nice speakers! Check the foam surrounds for rot. If they need replacement you can DIY for about $25. If you have to pay to have them done the price goes up of course.

They should be well worth that price IMHO. A pristine pair with new surrounds was recently on eBay for 125+125 s/h but the auction was ended early. Another nice pair was listed for $225 BIN but the bidding only went up to 88 (also with new surrounds).


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