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AR 25

Guest Audiomark

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Guest Audiomark

I didn't know these existed until buying this pair.

Essentially an AR28, same box, and the woofer uses the same cone but set in the later, much classier, basket.

The woofer is rebated into the box, and held in with machine screws, as is the tweeter.

There's a single 6 uF cap on the tweeter, it's an Elcap which makes me suspect these were UK-built, and a 3 ohm resistor which can (and should) be switched out with a toggle switch above the input terminals.

Originally had foam grilles, long gone.

I replaced the caps with 5.6 uF Bennics, and refoamed the woofers.

They sound brilliant, much better than I remember of the 28's, and can only put that down to the later basket and the rebating. The bass is solid, mids quite natural and involving, treble acceptable though obviously coloured.

Apparently produced and named for AR's 25 year anniversary.

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