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AR 5 Tweeter Repair + Stuffing Weight


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Looks like it's raining AR 5's lately. My AR 5 project stopped dead in water. Seems both my tweeters are non functioning. They are both the replacement rear wire type. And both read 6.1 OHMS with DMM. So they aren't open. Is there any hope for repair? And what do you think those white spots are around the tweeter cone?



Also noticed that one speaker has more stuffing than the other. I don't know if someone before me mixed the two together and didn't split it evenly, or if one is right and the other wrong.

Any know how much stuffing should be in an AR5?

Whoever was in there before put jumpers on the pots. I've removed them and cleaned the pots for normal operation. Wonder if that's what blew the tweeters.


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Tweeter Update:

The Tweeter plays - but it take a lot of juice to get it going. Just tested it with cap in series to my Sui 9090DB. IT takes volume around 12 o'colock to wake it up. I had an extra EPI tweeter nearby and tried that. 8-9 oClock and it's singing pretty good.

So while not open - I'm taking it these tweeters are going to work for me.

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I tried one of my tweeters directly off my Sui 9090B with spare 3 uF cap. Takes volume to 12 o"clock to get anything out of them So while they're not open, they don't apear up to snuff. Are they repairable?

I doubt it. Sounds like it's been overloaded, though not quite to the point of burning out. Hot wire expands, insulation swells up adhesives, melt; kind of like squirting glue into the heart of the moving bits. I've heard tales of people who successfully rewound tweeter voice coils, but they're like sightings of the Loch Ness Monster. Replacement time. At least these aren't as rare as 3a tweeters.

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