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Bipole Surrounds, center and rear surrounds to go with Boston T930 II's?


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Are there bipole Surrounds, center and rear surrounds to go with Boston T930 II's? I am thinking of changing my speaker setup to older Boston Acoustics speakers such as the T930 II's.

Right now I have a set of PSB Image speakers for my home theatre and music system. The front image towers are a few inches taller than I'd like, and they tend to sound very bright. I once owned a set of Boston Acoustics A70 II's and I loved the sound, only wanting more bass. I figure a set of Boston T930's should be essentially similar to my PSB Image T65's, but 2 inches shorter and with a softer smoother high end due to the soft dome tweeters.

One thing I like about the PSB Image speakers is that they are very well matched and the bipole S50's sound really nice and spacious. Is there a bipole surround speaker from Boston Acoustics that is a good match for the T930 II's? What about a good center and surround speaker? What models do you suggest?



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The 930 II's are nice, straightforward speakers, fairly neutral and accurate, and with a very solid acoustic suspension low end.

Boston's VRS/VRS Pro bipole surrounds would work well. Boston had some truly great center speakers in the 90's--I'd look for the VR-12, VR-10, VR-920 or VR-910. The VR-12 was the industry's first 3-way center speaker with a vertically-arrayed mid/tweeter for optimum horizontal dispersion. The VR-10 was a scaled-down version and it was immensely popular.

For rear surrounds, a pair of HD-5's or 7's would do the trick.

Steve F.

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