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KLH 17 For Sale Restored and Upgraded


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For sale is a pair of fine vintage KLH Model 17 speakers $149.95. KLH was founded by the great Henry E. Kloss of AR (Acoustic Research), Advent and several others. Henry understood the benefit of the right cabinet dimensions to minimize cabinet resonance and chose a 10 inch cloth surrounded woofer for this speaker that will last long into this century. It is the perfect balance between low end and mid range response for a two way speaker system!

He envisioned a day (and saw his vision come to fruition) when we would be listening to rumble and hiss free digital recordings. It is that vision that I strove for in restoring and updating these speakers. The Classic Speaker Pages has just recently updated their web site with more information on KLH speakers: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net./

Acoustically, the woofers have been sealed into and decoupled from the cabinets with silicon, further enhancing the low end. The original cone tweeters have been replaced with EPI soft polydome tweeters and protected with a first order high pass filter employing new polypropylene and Mylar capacitors. In short this means the high end is crisp and precise leading to sound staging that shames speakers costing thousands.

As to the refinishing of the cabinets; they came to me in exceptionally good shape for four decade old speakers. I had to do a little minor puttying as can be seen in one of the pictures. Then not so simply I sanded off the original stain/paint and applied new lighter stain to show off the beautiful thick wood veneer. Finally, several coats of Tung oil was applied, these speakers are absolutely beautiful. Oh, did I mention the grill cloths have been renewed, but alas the badges are missing. This pair of KLH is now a perfect match for today’s high quality digital recordings; they are particularly suited for both Classical and Classical Rock.

Contact stephenmenstell@comcast.net or 425 737 0604

http://picasaweb.google.com/SRM.Restoratio...feat=directlink. Go here to see more and better pictures.


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