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Allison One Update


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Okay, I have had these speakers in my possession now for 13 months. During that time I have installed new surrounds on all 4 woofers, had one midrange repaired at Millersound, found a replacement tweeter on Ebay (both the mid and tweeter were attacked by one of my 4 cats :angry: ).

I have setup the speakers as best as possible in my living room. 8 feet apart, up against the wall and about 2 feet in from the corners of the room. Amplifier driving them is my trusty old Yamaha CA-2010 (125 watt/ch) and a Onkyo CDP.

WAF is way through the roof I have to say as well.

Now onto the listening....... :lol:

I like the delicate and open sound of these speakers, so non-fatuiging. The deep lows were not dramatic but they were there. The mids on these truly shine. Sitting back from 12 feet dead center the soundstage was not only rock solid and dead center but every now and then I swear I heard sounds on recordings I have listened to many times and caught me by pleasant surprise.

I do have a slight buzzing in one woofer and I have been told this is common when the woofer is installed incorrectly and is interacting with the foam gasket.

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Congratulations on getting the One's up and running. I think the sound of the Allison mids and treble are the best of all the New England School of speakers. When I owned my One's (twice) I found I needed a minimum of 120wpc for the bass to open up energize the room at somewhat loud levels. More pwer was even better! My first pair I drove with a Phase Linear 400, then a PL700, then I "downsized" to a 120wpc Luxman R1120. The Lux receiver sounded sweeter but didn't provide the grunt of the larger amps. The second time around I owned a pair, a Hafler P505 provided the power. I've been on the hunt for a pair of Three's because I think they will work well in my room and should require less power than the One's. They seem to be extremely hard to find though!

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