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JansZen and KLH vintage ESL repair and refubishment

Guest JansZen

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Guest JansZen

The JansZen shop is now open for repairing or refurbishing of vintage JansZen ESL's and ESL hybrids from JansZen Laboratory (1-30 and 65), Neshaminy (Z-N00), Soundmates, Electronic Industries, Winslow Industries, and of course, the full range models from KLH (Nine) and Acoustech (X or Ten).

Services can be as simple as getting disembodied bias supplies up and running again, and range up to complete refurbishment, which can even include servicing woofers and refinishing cabinets.

This is JansZen. No one can do it better.

JansZen Loudspeaker


866-535-8835 (N. America)

614-448-1811 (Off-shore or save us a dime)

Skype: janszen_esl1


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