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AR-6 production years

Steve F

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In archive section was this from administrator:

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   Hi Stefano!

The AR-6 was produced between 1970-1978. The AR-6 originally sold for $150/pr (unfinished) and $198/pr (walnut) ..."

That's not quite accurate. The AR-6 was introduced in 1971 at an oiled walnut price of $81 ea. It was not produced past 1975 or 76 at the latest, when the ADD models began to be introduced. The AR-6's price had risen to $99 ea. in walnut by 1975, so that's where the $198/pr (walnut) price came from in the above archive segment.

The AR-16 came out in 1976, followed about a year later by the AR-15 and AR-17. (Yes, the lower model number, the AR-15, an 8" 2-way with 1" dome tweeter, came out AFTER the AR-16. AR went through some strange, disjointed marketing throes in the mid-70's, with the 15, 16, 17, and 18 ALL being 8" 2-ways.)

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