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I wasn't wrong then, nor am I today!


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I meant it's GOOD to know!

This copy of an email is what I received today when I got to my computer and found a dear friend sent to me over this last weekend.

I share my happiness and self confidence with all of you AR freaks.

Bono appetito, read on.


hey y'all.... this is a tune that I bet most of you never heard before.

Frank Marsi, a distinguished member of this Roy-Guy inner circle list, worked with me. . Frank had the most amazing stereo system I ever heard...in fact I never would have thought that recorded music could be listened to like we used to listen to it through his Phase Linear power with AR3a speakers. To date, sitting there in the studio, sometimes a bit stoned, (he means mostly) and letting those sound waves wash over us, through us, was one of the most gratifying, sensual, and just plain old incredible and hilarious experiences I've had. I think the music we listened to there is still buzzing around in my cells. (he means he never heard anything better since!)

Anyway... this McCartney tune called Wild Life (also the album name) ( he means in reality I had played all of my heros from the Beatles through[/i] Hendrix and a lot of classical music and classical rock) was one of those songs (out of thousands) that Frank turned me onto back then. He said at the time "This tune Wild Life is just an incredible example of his classic scream." I had never even heard of this piece of music, let alone heard it like I was about to. I'm pretty sure I tried hard to hide my tears of emotion as I sat there stunned by those particular soundwaves (then, I'm a musical pushover anyway.)

this slideshow/wildlife song is on youtube. I found it today, played it through the little external speakers so we could hear it better. I think that Patti would have been wiping tears away even without the animal photos accompanying it.

I've been praying for 30 years for enough extra cash to go get me a 1972 phase linear with AR3a speakers, though Frank has since moved up to AR-LST's. I probably wouldn't live through That experience.

Thanks Frankieboy.

Roy, your long-time friend.

P.S. Me, FM am glad to know that I spread the AR wealth of musical sound with a guy who is 54 years old now,I'm 59 two months ago, it's hard to remember all of those dates, there was so much going on. Back then he was 22 and I was 27 yrs. young in 1977,'78. 19th. street was still available to most who had a small dollar in his pocket with desire of greatness in photography and for all intends looked as it did in the late 18 hundreds, the same building and still NY was still 'left-over' as an old dirty city. Us of all searching, poor, longing and looking to make a living as a photographer had no place else to go to make a living as such.

In the over-all 'human-spirit of things' I did what I thought was absolutely necessary- that was was to spread the richness and greatnes of the AR sound and of course the beauty and necessity of music to be a man with good intent! My 3a's did as they do now, made me whole and content that music was part of my religion and befief in man-kind.


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The AR3A/Phase Linear was the last amp/speaker combo I used before selling my 3As and 2Axs in the mid 70's. I agree they were a great combo.

I moved on to "better" speakers in the mid '70's so that ended my AR years which began in '65. During that period I had the 2ax/3A speakers, the AR TT and 3 different AR Amps - two of which were replaced by AR for overheating (one actually caught fire). I sold the third one before it could "burn" me again.

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