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woofer replacement for later AR-2ax

Guest John Faulkner

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Guest John Faulkner

Another Craig's List deal - a pair of mid-70's AR-2ax in very good shape, original owner, for $50. Mids and tweeters and pots all work, one woofer still has intact surround (for how long?) but the other one's surround is gone and the cone has separated from the spider and the voice coil jumped out of the gap. Don't know if that can be made workable again - doesn't slide smoothly or even at all when replaced in gap, so looking at replacement woofer. I have 2 old style 6 bolt aluminum frame woofers - they say AR but don't have the little foam "donut" around the dust cap in the middle of the cone as all the others I have seen and appear to be original cones and cloth surrounds, + another aluminum frame woofer that was "Professionally" re-coned but feel much stiffer and sounds different from the others when installed in my AR-2a. Can an aluminum frame woofer be used to replace a 4 bolt steel frame with some sort of baffle board modification. If not, what woofers are compatible - AR-5? AR-LSTII? Can the old woofer be saved? thanks for any advice


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