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klh model 8 restoration.


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well i have a klh model 8, about the best radio ever in my opinion.

really though, no lie.

in any case it has a good amount of transformer hum you can hear from the outside of the radio.

the sound is good, although it distorts some if you turn it up, and doesnt reproduce some stuff well.

i just replaced all the caps in the unit, and havent had it aligned yet.

i am hoping it just needs to be aligned and have the bias set.

im really scared about that transformer making noise, is it safe to run? any ideas on what else it needs.

also thanks so much jkent with all of your help with this.

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Hi Bjorn

I'm still learning about these. If you replaced the 4-section cap and it is not 60 cycle hum I'm not sure what it is, but I have had a few Eights repaired at Bristol Electronics in HoHoKus NJ. Tim Schwartz knows what he is doing with these.

Good luck.


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