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ads L780/2


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I spotted a pair of these a few weeks ago at a local SA store for the "princely sum" of thirty bucks! I've more or less been a fan of KLH ever since I bought a Model Thirty system back around 1970 (still have the speakers) but the attractive styling and ridiculous price on these speakers tempted me so I had to buy them.

I've now got them hooked up to my system (Pioneer SX-780 Rcvr, Pioneer PL-560 TT and Rotel RCD-855 CDP and I think I'm in love. I'm quite impressed by the bass response from the 8" woofers and, thought I gather many feel the speakers in this series to bee a bit too "bright", I like the response and clarity throughout the range.

I think the L780/2 occupied a position somewhere in the middle of the range (in the mid/late '80s?). I'd be interested in learning how these speakers were/are regarded, how they compared to their contemporaries, etc. Also, what was the difference between the L780/2 and the L780?



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