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AR/Heathkit AS-2- Double Cabinets?


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Hi all, been away awhile. I cleaned out a lot of stuff, but it has been accumulating again.

I need your help identifying these speakers and cabinets.

The speakers are a pair of HeathKit AS-2, which I understand is a kit form of the AR-2.

But each complete unit is then mounted inside a larger cabinet. They fit so closely at the top and bottom I wonder if they are maybe HeathKit Cabinets.

Any information most appreciated.




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Thanks AR_PRO, I believe they are the AS-2U version, unfinished.

$7 a month, that is just too funny.

I have been searching the internet today, and learned that Heath did sell speaker kits with drivers from various manufactures, but have not found any documentation for this particular combination.

The AS2 cabinets are ABSOLUTLY pristine They apparently been sealed inside the HeathKit enclosures for almost 50 years.

They come from the estate of an EE in Belmont MA.

They also came with a kit built Eico ST70, a Radio Craftsmen RC-10 tuner and a RC-2 mono amp, a Pilot receiver and a Phillips table radio.

I have not yet removed the speakers from the cabinets so I don't know if the unfinished cabinets have grill cloths nor have I fired them up.

I passed on the matching console (no components) and am kicking myself, sigh.

My wife likes the retro look of the Heath cabinets so I may keep them as they are.

This HAS to be one of the more obscure AR permutations.


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I have disassembled one of the AS-2 speakers and have made a sketch of the crossover circuit, and taken some pictures of the drivers and crossover.

The parallel connected tweeters are wired in series with 2 series connected capacitors 6mF and 2mF, and the 2mF is bypassed by a 15ohm variable resister.

The woofer is in series with an unmarked air core inductor. The inductor is one inch thick, wound on a .75 inch wood core and is 2.25 overall.

I estimate it has 250 turns of #16 wire which works out to about 2mH.

It is mounted with a steel screw through the wood core, which must increase the value.

Of course I have no way of knowing if the speaker is wired correctly.

The woofer has an aluminum frame and is marked AR, 8ohm and 401-28.

The woofer surround has come totally unglued from the frame but is still connected to the spider.

Any ideas on how to go about reattaching it?





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The woofer surround has come totally unglued from the frame but is still connected to the spider.

Hi Ken,

After my overhall of 2A's I plugged them in. All seemed OK, then some strange noise started. Had to break into them and found both spiders partially loose from the frame. Very slight pressure broke them totally away. Cleaned, centered, reglued, check OK. I have used the Goop as suggested and found it VERY had to work with. I have also used regular contact adhesive with success and is easier to apply with a larger artist brush, bristles cut short. I have learned to check the spiders closely before install.

Thanks to this site and membership or I would have a bunch of REAL monkey coffins.


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