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klh model 9 nine electrostatics wanted, and how do these compare to magnaplanars


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well heres the story, live in midwest, had a pair of klh 9s come up for sale close to me. didnt buy them and they went for cheip.

being the audio junky that i am, i kind of want to kill myself after doing research on these.

does anyone have a set for sale? any shape would be fine, i have a model 8 i could put in the trade if your moving to an apartment...

also does anyone know how these sound compared to speakers like mthe magnaplanars of the 70s?

will the maggies work as good? and is the sound quality as good? very interested in any info anyone has....

sigh.. i need a delorian with the flux thingy, go pick em up heh

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I had a pair for a number of years in the 80's.

They had some great qualities and some not so great qualities. They were very directional and you always felt like you were wearing headphones from across the room. A clear stereo image that pulled you into the recording.

They were not totally neautral, a bit colored but I don't remember the exact sound because it has been a while! Output level was limited, at least at LF. You were always pushing it to get just a little louder and then a bass note would come along...

With the right record there was a magical quality. This was during the LP era and it seemed like one record in 50 was good enough to sound like real music and make me forget all the other issues.

Advice: consider a sub and be wary of the condition of all the panels (arcing).


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