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AR-10pi/11 tweeters


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I've been offered a pair of AR-10pi/11 200011-1 tweeters. Comparing the AR-11 crossover to the AR-3a, the 3a used the 6MFD cap and no inductor, while 11 used a 10MFD cap and a .10mH coil across the tweeter. So I'm looking at two possible installation options, one adding the parallel .07mH Ken Kantor mod with the original 3a cap, the other adding a 4MFD series cap and a parallel .10nH coil, which would essentially turn the HF portion crossover into that of the AR-11. The hitch is, I've never heard an AR-11. Can anybody tell me how the HF sound of the 11 differed from the 3a, if at all?

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