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Level control check with no woofer - is it ok?


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I was wondering if it's safe to hook up a speaker with no woofer in it to verify that the mid and tweeter controls are rewired correctly. It's ok if the lack of a woofer doesn't produce the exact correct response, and I would be doing this at very low levels. I just want to check to see if the controls lower and raise mid and high correctly once I've connected them. Or do I need to wait for the woofers to come back from refoaming or wire in some 4 ohm dummy load resistors in place of the woofers to avoid blowing something up?

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Crossovers are rewired and checked out.

Pots have been cleaned and have treated with DeOxit, Preserve-It and DeOxit lithium grease. I set orientation by setting resistance to the "white dot" values and aiming the pointers at the white dots, which ends up way different from aligning the bent tab on the pot housings with the dents in the crossover boards, but these pots didn't originally come from these speakers, so no biggie. Compared to the photos in the "restoring" doc, the full increase settings against the word "increase" are within +- one letter, so I'm going with what I have.

Bad news: one of the speakers had a bad tweeter. Good news: I had a spare. So now I start prowling eBay for another just-in-case spare, or maybe just lay in a pair of those closeout tweets and adapter rings from Carl.

Playing the open boxes with mids and tweets only on my HK750 and they both sound happy.

Picked up the refoamed woofers this afternoon, but probably won't have the time (and definitely not the ambition) to restuff boxes and remount woofers today.



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