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AR-2a #18346 & 18347

Guest John Faulkner

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Guest John Faulkner

Just got a new to me pair of AR-2a speakers serial numbers 18346 and 18347, Bought for 78$ - was to be $75 but he didn't have enough change and I didn't mind. Walnut glossy finish. Said something about rewired or bypassed pots, maybe new surrounds, both done by a repair shop in Eugene OR, but I will call him back and get more details. Haven't pried off the grill cloths yet to see what they look like, My original thought was to take the tweeter from one as a replacement for one of my AR-3s with a Vifa or SEAS replacement, but now I am thinking of redoing these as well, and just keep looking for another original AR-3 tweeter. Any idea when these might have been made?



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