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AR-1 Report On Ebay


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The 1956 Audio League Report on the AR-1 was the first "review" of the product, and was done by none other than Julian Hirsch of the latter-day Hirsch-Houck Laboratories and *High Fidelity* and *Stereo Review* magazines. Julian was a trainied engineer, and very knowlegable in his day about loudspeaker accuracy, distortion, frequency response and so forth. It was in this report that he stated, while comparing efficiencies (sensitivity) of acoustic-suspension speakers with horn-loaded speakers, "At the risk of getting a little ahead of ourselves, we can point out that at 25 cycles, and below, the '1% efficient' AR-1 is actually more efficient than the '50% efficient' Klipschorn. The latter gives up rather abruptly somewhere in the vicinity of 30 cycles and produces little fundamental energy, while the AR-1 can generate relatively undistorted fundamentals down to 20 cycles and below."

Julian Hirsch and the Audio League of New York went on to produce the first public live-vs.-recorded demonstration of AR speakers, in which AR-1's were compared to the Aeoleon-Skinner organ in Mt. Kisco, New York. These demonstrations, which included four AR-1's, showed the remarkably accurate low-frequency output of the AR-1 woofer when compared to a live source of low-frequency energy.

--Tom Tyson

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