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Early KLH speaker listing


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Hi all,

I've put together an updated list of the early KLH equipment, with an emphasis on the speakers, so far. I started with the .xls list here and another one (from I don't know where), and I read through quite a few forum threads all the way back to 2001- to pull out as much information as I could. As such, it's still missing a lot of data, and I'm certain there are other mistakes. Clarifications are most certainly welcome.

So, I'm willing to donate this puppy to the library, or maintain it on my site (at least for the time being). I don't use Excel, so that's why it's in html. I believe it could be imported into Word and converted to ... The advantage of the web format is that pictures (karaoke, that E-trade baby, whatever) could be linked to it.

The page is here.

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