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Model "17" & "20" Woofer Dustcaps


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On the pair of "20"s I just finished I resealed the woofers' surrounds.

It was obvious that the petroleum based sealer had, for the most part, disappeared.

There were patches where it was still present and sticky.

The dust caps on all of these woofers I have seen have the same material on them as the surrounds, in a sort of random and splotchy fashion.

I could not see an obvious avenue for voice coil cooling while I had these speakers apart so I only resealed the surrounds.

The more I think about it, the more I wonder; should the dust caps be coated as well?

Or is the sort of haphazard way the material appears now on the caps just a sort of light dampening done ugly, or maybe just very "aesthetics not required" gluing?

Like "AR" "for function only" behind the grille painting and gluing?



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My original pair of KLH 17s, bought in 1974, have none of this black coating on the dust caps. They are just a light tan color, very soft cloth, and could be easily deformed by pressing on them. These have the later period style terminal and switch plate, with black field and printing in reverse silver.

I bought another pair on eBay, also with the same style terminal plate. These do have the black coating on the dust caps, making them a darker tan color with black swirls. The caps are not as soft as the uncoated ones due to the coating, but are of the same material.

I have seen many KLH woofers on eBay. All of the older period ones have this coating on the dust caps. I have seen other woofers without the coated dust caps. I do not know the importance of this coating in the sound of the speakers.

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