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KLH Research Ten Series Model SCX^2

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Newbie post!

I learned to love KLH listening to my first lead guitarist's turntable, anno 1967-8. Unbeatable, then. For us.

Fast forward to about 20 years ago, when I purchased a pair of KLH loudspeakers at a HiFi shop that was just going down the tubes. The claimed the speakers had been purchased by them new, and used for 10 years as reference monitors in their listening room. Whatever. They looked stunning, and produced jaw-dropping sound. My Revox never sounded better!

Alas, I went abroad to study, and in a regrettable fit of feng-shui lent them to a friend. Upon my return about a year later or so he informed me that the tweeters had regrettably failed, that he had ditched them (!!), and replaced them on his own nickel (or dime, I can't tell) with some unnamed trash. They still sounded better than most of what I had, but not as good as my girlfriend's AR-2ax's, so I packed the KLH's away. They've been coddled two decades, sitting in their original cartons, nearly shrink-wrapped. Pretty good condition - aside from the tweeter matter - considering they're probably 35 years old. Two owners though, so maybe it figures.

Finally decided to try to find out if they're even worth resuscitating. As I've learned it appears nobody knows as much about KLH, AR etc as the people on this forum. I neglected to take any photos of the insides before it was lent to my former friend, so I cannot show you the tweeters he ditched, though they were nothing like ordinary stuff - square-ish, flat, looking more like metal vents. Could they have been EMIT's? Ribbons? Anybody know?

I've posted pics (links below) showing their present condition. The cabinets are heavy, are about 27" high, 21" wide, 14" deep. Looks to my untrained eye to be some composite material, possibly plywood, with a walnut veneer. The cloth is stretchy thin dark brown stuff.

1. Anybody ever see anything like this (pics at http://picasaweb.google.com/exdcman/KLHRes...dspeakerSystem)?

2. Anybody know if they're worth the trouble of locating parts?

3. Anybody know where I should look (aside from this forum) for those parts?

Greetings from sub-arctic Stockholm!


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Just also noticed that neither post makes my question(s) clear: does anyone here know exactly what kind of tweeter these speakers had originally? Second question is whether there is a good replacement available. I guess the third question would be if anyone knows how to find specs for them, at least crossover points and specs for the different elements.

Thanx, whoever's listening!


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Привет из Санкт-Петербурга, Россия. Мои колонки KLH, я попал в Финляндию в городе Куанкоски, я восстановил дела, я вставил новые подвески, и теперь я слушаю с приемником Marantz 2238 и вращающимся объектом Lenco L78.

IMG_1312 - копия.jpg

IMG_3496 - копия.jpg


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