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readio shack realistic nova 15 speakers

Guest Jason Miller

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Guest Jason Miller

radio shack nova 15 speakers. I just replaced the surrounds. you would not beleave what I used on the oil rubbed walnut vineer. I had an old guy tell me you can use clean motor oil on them. I only paid 50 cents for the speakers. I 10w30 oil on them before I bought the surrounds for $4.50 . I was like wow. the old vineer just sucked up a thin coat of motor oil. they dont feel that oily or anything. it lightened up the old vineer and I saw all kinds of dirt coming off them and onto my rag. he then said to just wipe them down with a damp cloth when they needed dusted and that the motor oil would protect the vineer. I was like what the hell I only paid 50 cents on them I could test this on them before I bought the surrounds.



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