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AR-12 Restoration - suggestions


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Hello AR Experts:

A friend gave me a pair of worked over AR-12's.

I'll need woofers, refoam the mids, if possible, and tweeters work, but don't look good.

Of course the cabinets are a mess too.

So, something to do.

Are the woofers in the AR-12 the same as the ones in the AR-10 to AR-18 models, or other models?

If so, I can find them on ebay or somewhere.

I've noticed that the AR-12 is not that common, but other models within the AR-10 to AR-18 model range are.

One of the woofers is some odd replacement, and the other is original, but so badly abused it can't be rescued.

Can you refoam the mids on these?

I've looked over this site and suppliers and I don't think there's refoam kit for these.

Any help or suggetions are appreciated.

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